Stick Out From The Pack

It has a lot to do with differentiation, doesn’t it? What makes you deserve to be treated differently from everyone else in pile of mediocrity? Well if done right, a video can greatly assist you in sticking out from the pack. It allows people to better see, hear, share, and remember you. The statistics are staggering – more and more, people prefer to digest information through videos instead of reading. Just the process alone of creating your video can help you construct better pitches, prepare for interviews, and expand your chances. Don’t underestimate the power of video to differentiate yourself.

The Modern Attention Span

We all know it – so many of us are either too stressed, too impatient, or too short on time to have a long attention span in general. Most can easily make exceptions for things that are important and interesting, like a seminar you have been wanting to attend. We can also do it for entertainment, such as movies. But even then, those can be highly conditional. For most things that don’t meet our relatively high standards for what’s worth our time, get skimmed, ignored, or clicked shut. For those reasons alone you are better off getting your key messages into a higher-impact, shorter experience. You want to catch their attention, and if they know it isn’t for a long time, you stand a better chance of getting heard. Then, if they are interested in more details, you make that available to them on their terms.

The Extra Effort

Besides having immense potential to deliver messages like only an audio-visual medium can, video can demonstrate another important quality – the ability and desire to put in the extra effort – to go the extra mile.  Not only don’t many take the time to make a decent video, even less take the time to do it well.   Even less have the creativity to take advantage of this unique opportunity to express something a paper document just can’t.  Like they say: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, the same thing is true of video, if not more so, due to both the range of emotion and the additional potential moving images and sound can bring to the experience.